Since the publication of the portfolio on Frank Brangwyn’s interpretation of The Way of the Cross, a number of people have written to express their feelings after receiving their copies. I would like to share a few of them as it does one good to knowwhen your efforts are appreciated.

Hopefully, you too, will enjoy owning a copy of this rare limited edition.


It is undoubtedly an excellent piece of work, and most impressive to look at. My congratulations on this fine production which does Brangwyn proud.

David Brangwyn-Copyright holder.

The portfolio is just beautiful! Truly a collector’s item.

Libby Horner – World’s leading authority on Frank Brangwyn.

I found the details in design, packaging and commentary to be exemplary.

Michael Hudson – Reel Art Studios.

Your new portfolio is outstanding! The design and print quality are beautiful!

Dan Zimmer – Publisher Illustration Magazine.

It’s beautiful!

Charley Parker www.linesandcolors.com

A class act in every particular. The next best thing to seeing the originals, which I just viewed in Bruges last October.

Jim Vadeboncouer, Jr. Publisher- Images magazine, Black & White Images.

What a gorgeous production-and in letterpress, no less. The drawings simply glow.

Arnie Fenner – Publisher, Spectrum Fantastic Art.

This is a highly cherished item for me.

John Fleskes – Publisher – Flesk Publications

Beautiful! Simply beautiful!

Dr. Bryan Killgore – Psychiatrist

Superbe réédition des lithographies de Frank Brangwyn […] où l’artiste, revenu au classicisme, compose d’étonnantes images, presque carrées, subdivisées par l’omniprésente croix qui tournoie autour d’un axe asymétrique. Un art consommé du cadrage, une merveille de puissance dans le dessin, des visages uniques, l’anatomie, sans oublier les sublimes drapés… une leçon d’art en 14 planches.
Francisco San Millan (France) Artist

It is beautiful and Libby Horner’s introduction is very interesting.

Patrick Chatelin (France) Artist

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