S.F. WonderCon 2010

The San Francisco WonderCon last April 2nd-4th started with a thunderstorm.

The fans poured in the minute the doors were opened at the Moscone Center just as hard as the rain poured down outside. Some of them still dripping wet but completely oblivious as they ran to see their favorite artists and dealers. One of the many attractive and most sought after artist was Mark Schultz who was in John Fleskes’s booth. The Flesk Publications booth is one of the most visited booths at the Con for it is well known that he always publishes quality books. Mark Schultz, who stayed in John Fleskes’s booth, spent most of the time signing copies of his many books

All in all, it was interesting to note, that no matter how hard it rained during those three days it didn’t deter the fans one bit. And why not? Who would have wanted to miss meeting Joe and Adam Kubert, Tom Yeates, Frank Cho, William Stout, Mark Schultz Tony de Zuniga, Ernie Chan, Sergio Aragones and many others?

…and now, a few shots from the WonderCon

John Fleskes getting his booth ready with Mark Schultz checking the posters.

Mark Schultz and John Fleskes.

Mark Schultz, James(John’s friend) and John Fleskes.

Bud Plant with his lovely daughter.

Bud Plant’s booth. One of the most after sought after booth for the immense variety of books they carry. Bud just recently celebrated his 40th anniversary in the business. I’ve known Bud just about as many years and he is one of the nicest persons you’d want to meet and deal with.

If you’re interested in European books, don’t bother going to Europe to get them. Stuart Ng has them.

Fred Taraba (center) who deals in original illustrations by artists from the Golden Age of Illustration.

Carolina, who brightened the otherwise gloomy rainy day with her four month old bundle of joy.

Joe Kubert with his just as talented son, Adam looking over some of William Stout’s books

Tom Yeates with Frank Schultz.

One Response to “S.F. WonderCon 2010”

  1. Rich Dannys Says:

    Re: the Tom Yeates pic..
    Does Mark Schultz have a brother named: “Frank”.. Or, is that a typo?

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