A chuckle for a dime.

Okay, I know I have been somewhat remiss in posting on my blog lately.


Well, maybe I …


Alright, I’ve been lazy, okay? But no more. From now on I’ll have something new every week (more or less). So stay tuned.

Cartoon 2

During the heydays of magazines of the forties and fifties you could buy a magazine for a dime to a quarter and get to read some of the most famous writers of the time; the likes of Hemingway, Bradbury, O’Hara, Maugham, St. John and many more. Stories were illustrated by the best illustrators during that era; Fawcett, Dorne, Parker, Whitcomb, Raleigh, La Gatta and many more. There would be tips on how to decorate your home, recipes for the best meat loaf and pictures from all over the world.

But if none of these pleased you then there would always be a dozen or so cartoons in each magazine to get a chuckle out from that dime you spent and for a few moments the problems of the day weren’t so bad after all.

3 CartoonTom Henderson1 Cartoon2 CartoonCartoon 4Cartoon 3Last

Think something funny everyday.

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