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Jack Welch was born in 1905. He was described as a tall Texan from Cleburn. He attended public school in Temple, Texas and started taking drawing lessons from the W. M. Evans Correspondence Course in Cartooning. For a short while he illustrated yearbooks for the Southern Methodist University. And from there he went on to work as a newspaper artist in New York, California, Seattle, Chicago and Philadelphia.

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Later on he moved on to working for an advertising agency as a sketch man doing sketches. He spent several years doing sketches and comprehensive drawings for advertising layouts. He was a natural in drawing children and thus was asked to design ads for Jell-o, Keds, Pullman and Traveler’s Insurance.


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The Saturday Evening Post magazine (one of the largest in circulation in the country at that time) took notice of Jack Welch’s style and talent. He was commissioned to do a few covers (see two below).

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Saturday Evening Post © Curtis Publishing.

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Saturday Evening Post © Curtis Publishing.

It’s a shame not much has been written about Jack Welch since he was such a great artist. My good friend and artist, the late Alex Toth, used to say how much he admired  Jack’s drawings. For a short time he was corresponding with one of Jack’s daughters.

Looking at Jack Welch’s drawings, you always got the feeling he was enjoying himself while doing it.

Jack Welch passed away in 1985

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